Derma GeL Ž is a normal saline-based hydrogel with anti-microbial agent, intended for topical use in skin
conditions such as wounds, burns, bites and stings etc.
Product is free of cytogenotoxic and mutating effects and does not irritate the skin cells (non-irritant).
Derma GeL ® provides a moist environment to the injured skin site (wound, burn, etc), through a water based gel polymer that doesn’t dry out. It is a gel that forms a homogeneous protective barrier on the surface of the damaged skin site.

Derma GeL Ž ensures a protective film effect, which provides the damaged skin the ideal amount of moisture needed for a rapid and effective healing, reducing concomitantly the risk of excessive epithelial cell proliferation (for example, the epithelization process can stop or be altered if the damaged skin is too dry).
If the damaged skin is more than necessary moist, there could be irritation, excessive epithelial cell proliferation, and scar, keloid or hypertrophic tissue formation, as a result of excessive infection.


When the extracts of Derma GeL ÂŽ were studied on different types of cells in vitro, it was proven that they:

  • Are absorbed rapidly and completely from intact skin, as well as injured skin.
  • Promote the synthesis of Collagen Type III and Collagen Type I.
  • Promote the maturation of collagen.
  • Enhance the wound contraction rate.
  • Stimulate all phases of epithelization.
  • Stimulate the multiplication and migration of epithelial cells.
  • Present strong anti – inflammatory action.
  • Have bactericidal action.
  • Promote healthy and rapid epithelization.

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The use of Derma GeLÂŽ – cases

EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) disease. Photographs made by patients.

Case one
– Pierced blister after application of  Derma GeLŽ – first day.
- The wound after 7 days of Derma GeLŽ application
- The wound after 9 days of Derma GeLŽ application

Case two
– Two pierced blisters after application of Derma GeLÂŽ
– The wound after two days – one blister (bottom one) reacted faster after application of Derma GeLÂŽ
- The wound after 10 days of Derma GeLŽ application

Case three
- Chronic wound
- The wound after 7 days of Derma GeLŽ application

Case four
– Blisters on the hand of 5-years old child
– The wound on the day 2 after application of Derma GeLÂŽ
- The wound after 7 days of Derma GeLŽ application

Burn wound (made by iron)

Photographs (made by patient) show:

  • Burn wound – first day
  • The wound after two days of Derma GeLŽ  application
  • The wound after 4 days of Derma GeLŽ application
  • The wound after 7 days of application of Derma GeLÂŽ
  • The wound after 17 days of Derma GeLŽ application

Chronic bedsore located on heel

Photographs of bedsore (made in hospital).
Before using Derma GeLÂŽ on bedsore, different kinds of dressings (including dressings containing silver) were used, but without success for over two months.
– The wound before application of Derma GeLÂŽ
– The wound after 21 days of Derma GeLŽ application
– The wound after 28 days of application of Derma GeLÂŽ