Why PolyMem ?

PolyMemŽ is a multifunctional polymeric membrane dressing composed of a hydrophilic polyurethane matrix that contains a mild nontoxic cleanser, a soothing moisturizer and a super absorbent starch co-polymer with a semi permeable backing. The cleansing agent within the dressing is activated by  moisture from the wound bed effectively reducing the necessity to clean the wound during dressing changes therefore avoiding disruption of healthy tissue.

Following application of the dressing, the wound cleanser is continually released into the wound. It loosens the bonds between slough/fibrotic tissue and healthy granulation tissue for effective autolytic debridement.
– The moisturizer (glycerin) is simultaneously released to help create a moist wound environment and to prevent the dressing from sticking to the wound bed. It draws fluid ( including nutrition and growth factors) from deeper tissues into the wound bed to stimulate healing.
– The superabsorbent draw wound exudate into the dressing. The excess fluid binds to the superabsorbent, which prevent it from being released back into the wound. This helps to balance moisture levels and reduce the risk of maceration.
– The semi-permeable membrane allows excess exudate to evaporate, regulating moisture and temperature at the wound surface. The film also protects the wound and serves as a barrier to the ingress external liquids.

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