Patient: 6 year old Belgian Shepherd

This dog sustained a deep open wound as a result of car accident.The depth and location of wound made it impossible to suture.

Veterinus Derma GeL™  treatment:

Veterinus Derma GeL™ was applied – during the first 72 hours – once a day covered with non-adhesive secondary dressing.

The fourth day Veterinus Derma GeL™

was applied – uncovered – twice per day.

After 3 weeks wound healed completely and without scarring. The patient is able to move freely without any loss of mobility.

Yorkie – Yorkshire – 11.5 month old

The owner left this dog in a portable carrier with a hair dryer hooked up to the front of it to dry it off after a home bath and they forgot about it.

Patient: 11.5 month old Yorkie 4.7 lbs. Presented with severe burn through full thickness of the skin over the ventral chest wall and medial forelegs.

After 3 weeks, wound is completely healed – Scar tissue is softer and more elastic resulting in less stricture and contraction of surrounding skin

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